MIRACLE Eps 1 (continuation)

*Bell rang* 

I was really happy that the school got over. I just wanted to go home and study. Dan was waiting for me outside the gate. Dan is- wait a minute, why should I describe him right now.

I remembered that my cigarette stock was over. By the way, smoking is not good for health but I used to smoke back then. So I asked Dan to stop by a departmental store.

I went inside and to my surprise, I saw the same little girl who was walking with Mr. Orson. She looked like she was buying some sort equipments. I didn’t pay much attention to what she was doing so I just went to the counter to pay for my cigarettes.  

‘Thank you Sir. Please come again.’

I walked out of the store and while I was walking towards the car, I kept my cigarette packet inside my pocket.

‘Excuse me. You dropped your cancer packet.’ A voice came from behind. ‘You want me to throw it or you still want it?’

‘My cigarettes! I thought I kept them inside. And how did she know what a cigarette was!’ I thought to myself because that little girl was holding it. I didn’t know how to react to little children.

‘You shouldn’t walk alone like this. Go home. And give me that.’ I said.

‘Sure.’ She walked away throwing my packet at me. Tsk! That arrogance! 

*At home* 

‘Welcome home Sir.’

‘Is my bath ready?’ I asked. Because I didn’t want to wait for it to be ready.

‘Yes Sir.’ The maid said. ‘Dan had already given us the order.’

Dan was a really a great Butler. At that time, he had already been serving us for 5 years and has taken care of all my necessities on time. 

‘Your dinner will be served at 8 Sir. If you need anything please call me.’ He said.

 *Sigh* ‘I can finally study in peace.’ I thought to myself.

*Later at night* 

‘Sir. It’s 11 pm will you still be studying?’ Dan said. Dan would never sleep until I would. But I didn’t want him to be awake all because of me.

‘Dan. You can sleep anytime you want. I’ll call you if I need something. I’ll just smoke for sometime and then sleep.’

‘Goodnight Sir.’ He said as he closed my bedroom door.

Ugh! Each time I took a sip, it reminded me of her. “Cancer Packet”.

*Next morning in class*

The teacher walked in with a bright smile on his face. I knew he was going to say something.

‘Okay students. Let me introduce you to your new classmate.’ He said. ‘This is Zuri.’



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