MIRACLE Eps 1 (continuation)

Well… School’s almost over. I can get home and study. But first, I’ll go to the grocery store.

*Bell rings* 

Huh? It’s that girl from before, the one with Mr.Orson. Reminds me of when I was a kid, coming over to the groceries to get chocolates. *Giggles* 

‘Thank you Sir. Please come again.’

‘Excuse me. You dropped your cancer packet. You want me to throw it or you still want it?’

My cigarettes! I thought I kept them inside. And how does she know what a cigarette is!

‘You shouldn’t walk alone like this. Go home. And give me that.’

‘Sure.’ She walked away throwing my packet to me. Tsk! That arrogance! 

*At home* 

‘Welcome home Sir.’

‘Is my bath ready?’ Cause if it isn’t I’ll have to wait for it to be ready and I do not want to waste my time.

‘Yes Sir.’ Dan is really a great Butler. He has been with me for 5 years now and has taken care of my necessities on time. ‘Your dinner will be served at 8 Sir. If you need anything please call me.’

 *Sigh* ‘I can finally study in peace.’ 

*Later at night* ‘Sir. It’s 11 pm will you still be studying?’ I think Dan wants to sleep. Why does he always have to ask me. ‘Dan. You can sleep anytime you want. I’ll call you if I need something. I’ll just smoke for sometime and then sleep.’

‘Goodnight Sir.’

‘Ugh! This thing reminds me of that kid. “Cancer Packet”?’ 

*Next morning in class*

‘Okay students. Let me introduce you to your new classmate, Zuri.



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