Miracle Eps 2



‘Zuri. Please have a seat.’ He said.

It was that little girl. I thought she was a kid! I couldn’t believe it. She was way too small to be in the same class! Plus, she had that bitchy attitude which I did not like at all. Little devil.

*Lunch time*

‘Hey! You’re so cute.’ All the girls started gathering around her. They should be careful around her instead. ‘Do you know anyone in class??’ They asked.

‘Yup!’ When I heard that, I was already praying inside my head. I didn’t want her to tell my name. ‘That one!’ She pointed straight at me.

 *cough* ‘What? Me?’ I asked.

‘I don’t know why is he pretending to not recognise me.’ She said. ‘I clearly saw his expression when I entered the class.’

*Girls laughing* That girl needed to stop. It was about to cross my tolerance limit.

‘I scolded him yesterday for smoking. But he wouldn’t stop.’ She continued. 

‘Really? You did?’ Great! They were all talking about me. I knew I had to do something.

‘Why don’t you shut up?’ I said. ‘If you keep talking like that you won’t get to finish your meal. Kid!’

I knew I wasting my time here listening to her. I knew I had to go to the library and study.

*In the library*

Whew! At least it was peaceful there. I was so glad that I came. ‘OK…so where do I start.’ I opened my books.

*Few hours later*

‘*sigh* I’ll go home now. Wonder what time is it?’ I said to myself.

‘It’s closed. How are you planning to go home now?’ A voice came from behind.

‘What?!!’ I turned and it was her. ‘What are you doing here? And why didn’t you tell me if it was closing so soon!’

‘I’m here because I had no one to talk to. And I didn’t tell you it was closing because you were so engrossed in your books.’

‘I’ll call Dan. Uff!’ I took my phone and I called Dan. It took him so long to get there.

‘Where do you live?’ I knew I had to atleast start a conversation. 

‘You’ll get to know soon.’ And then she smiled. ‘What is your name?’

‘My name is Zane. Zane Grayson.’

‘Zane?’ She looked like she was going to say something about it. I could tell. ‘It means “Gift from God”, such a nice name.’ She said.

‘Really? I didn’t know. What about yours? I mean, the meaning of Zuri?’

‘Someone good and beautiful.’ She smiled again. Her smile was too innocent for an attitude like hers.

‘Good and beautiful? You’re good and beautiful?’ I started laughing.

‘What’s so funny!!’ She shouted.

*The door opened and Dan came to the rescue*

‘Sir. Are you alright?’ That was Dan’s first question.

‘I am alright. Take me to the car. And give this young lady a ride home as well.’ I said.

‘That’s okay. I’ll go home with dad. He’s the principal.’ She said.

DAD?!! Mr.ORSON!!!!


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