Miracle (Eps 3)


‘Mr.Orson is her father?!’I thought to myself. No wonder there were few boys talking about him being a widower. 

‘Bye Zane!’ Yup. She went to her “Dad”. Leaving me so speechless.

‘Bye..’ It was still unbelievable for me. Wow.

‘Sir. Shall we go home?’ Dan said.

*Later at home*

‘Aaaaaaaa!!!! Can’t concentrate!! That girl’s driving me crazy!’ I was freaking out. ‘Where are my cigarettes. Bring my ash tray along with the cigarettes.’ I said.


Damn. That devil. She was more than a devil. She just kept surprising me. Plus she was too small to be in the same class. And she doesn’t study!

*In the morning at school*

‘Hi! Good morning!’ I looked up and saw Zuri.

‘What’s with that overfriendly attitude. Doesn’t suit you at all.’ I said.

‘What do you mean?’ Damn she had the loudest voice. ‘You know. I was thinking if-‘

‘No thank you.’ I said. ‘You’re are not going to be a “friend” of mine. We met. We talked. Thank you. And now we are just classmates.’

*Pow* She hit me.

‘Ouch!! What was that for?!!’

‘For not listening. You should be a good listener before you start your own stupid speeches.’ She said.That was the attitude I was talking about.

‘As I was saying, I was wondering if you could pretend like we never talked. You know it’s difficult for me to keep explaining to the girls about you.’ She said.

‘Who’s even asking you to tell them. Just ignore them. And by the way. I like your idea.’ I said.

*Teacher entered*

‘So class. Your exams are starting from tomorrow. Make sure everyone’s prepared.’

‘More than just prepared. I was sure that Missy hadn’t even started. This was the perfect way to teach her a lesson.’ I thought to myself. ‘Oh my gosh Zane you are so smart.’

‘Zane. You look like an idiot smiling all by yourself in the corner of the class you know.’ She shouted.

*class started laughing*



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