First blog post!!!

Hi everyone I’m acme98 and I joined WordPress to share my really crazy stories and ideas with you guys. The first story which I’m gonna share with you guys is called Miracle.

“Youth is a gift of nature but age is a work of art…”

…. or something like that…which is not at all related to my story. It’s a really stupid love story. Do check it out. I’ll be posting it by next


Miracle episode 4

*The first day of examinations*

Hmmmm … it’s an easy paper. I’m gonna do pretty well. Let’s do this Zane!

*After the first hour*

So far so good. I need to hurry up. I still have five more questions to solve. If I finish this in the next 20 minutes then I’ll be the first one to complete the test.

‘Sir. I’m done.’

What? Zuri? She’s done? But that girl never studies?? How? She’s probably out of solutions. *Grins to himself*

*After the exams*

‘Wow Zuri! You actually finished that exam so fast. How?’ *Girls gather around Zuri*

Damn! That girl! 

I was supposed to be the the first one to complete it. I can’t believe I lost.

‘Zane? You look pretty disappointed? Something happened?’ Zuri turns to me. What does she expect me to say? I’m sad because I wasn’t the first one to complete the test? No!

‘Disappointed? No. What makes you say that?’

‘You just look like you are. Anyways, how did the test go?’

‘Good. Not that great either. You finished it quiet early. How was yours?’

‘Why wouldn’tI finish it early. Team paper was so easy.’

What? Easy? Is she serious? If she is then I need to work harder!

‘Okay. I’ll go home. Gotta study for the rest of the subjects. Talk to you on results.’

‘Okay! Study hard!’

(PS: This picture is not Zane nor is it mine.)

Miracle (Eps 3)


Mr.Orson is her father?! I thought he wasn’t married?!

‘Bye Zane!’ Yup. She’s going with her “Dad”. Leaving me so speechless.

‘Bye..’ It’s still unbelievable. Wow.

‘Sir. Shall we go home?’ 

*Later at home*

‘Aaaaaaaa!!!! Can’t concentrate!! That girl’s driving me crazy!’ Where are my cigarettes. ‘Dan. Bring my ash tray along with the cigarettes.’


Damn. That devil. She’s more than a devil. She just keeps on surprising me. Plus she’s so small to be in the same class. And she doesn’t study. 

*In the morning at school*

‘Hi! Good morning!’ Kill me somebody.

‘What’s with that overfriendly attitude. Doesn’t suit you at all.’

‘What do you mean?’ Damn she’s loud. ‘You know. I was thinking if-‘

‘No thank you. You’re are not going to be a “friend” of mine. We met. We talked. Thank you. And now we are just classmates.’


‘Ouch!! What was that for?!!’

‘For not listening. You should be a good listener before you share your ideas.’ That attitude. 

‘As I was saying, I was wondering if you could pretend like we never talked. You know it’s difficult for me to keep explaining to the girls about you.’

‘Who’s even asking you to tell them. Just ignore them. And by the way. I like your idea.’

*Teacher enters*

‘So class. Your exams are starting from tomorrow. Make sure everyone’s prepared.’

More than just prepared. I’m sure Missy hasn’t even started. This is a good way to teach her a lesson. Oh my gosh Zane you are so smart. 

‘Zane. You look like an idiot smiling all by yourself in the corner of the class you know.’

*class starts laughing*


Miracle Eps 2



‘Zuri. Please have a seat.’

I thought she was a kid! How can it be possible. She’s way too small to be in the same class! Plus, she has that bitchy attitude. Little devil.

*Lunch time*

‘Hey! You’re so cute.’ Why are these girls crowding her. They should be careful around her. ‘Do you know anyone in class??’

‘Yup!’ I hope she doesn’t tell my name. ‘That one!’ *cough* ‘What? Me?’

‘I don’t know why is he pretending to not recognise me. I clearly saw his expression when I entered the class.’

*Girls laughing* That girl needs to stop.

‘I scolded him yesterday for smoking. But he wouldn’t stop.’

‘Really? You did?’ Great! Now they’re discussing about me! In a negative way.

‘Why don’t you shut up?’ It’s time for my turn. ‘If you keep talking like that you won’t get to finish your meal. Kid!’ *Grin*

If I waste my time here listening to her I’ll never top the class. I better go to the library and study.

*In the library*

Whew! At least it’s peaceful here. I’m so glad. OK…so where do I start.

*Few hours later*

‘*sigh* I’ll go home now. Wonder what time is it?’ 

‘It’s closed. How are you planning to go home now?’

‘What?!!’ It’s her. ‘What are you doing here? And why didn’t you tell me if it was closing so soon.’

‘I’m here because I have no friends. And I didn’t tell you it was closing because you were so engrossed in your books.’

‘I’ll call Dan. Uff!’ I took my phone and I called Dan. It’s taking him so long to get here.

‘Where do you live?’ I need to atleast start a conversation. 

‘You’ll get to know soon.’ And then she smiles. ‘What is your name?’

‘My name is Zane. Zane Grayson.’

‘Zane?’ She’splanning to say something now. I can tell. ‘It means “Gift from God”, such a nice name.’

‘Really? I didn’t know. What about yours? I mean the meaning of Zuri?’

‘Someone good and beautiful.’ She smiles again. So innocent.

‘Good and beautiful?’ She’s good and beautiful? *laughing*

‘What’s so funny!!’ *The door opens and Dan comes to the rescue*

‘Sir. Are you alright?’ Dan really is trustworthy.

‘I am alright. Take me to the car. And give this young lady a ride home as well.’

‘That’s okay. I’ll go home with dad. He’s the principal.’

DAD?!! Mr.ORSON!!!!

MIRACLE Eps 1 (continuation)

Well… School’s almost over. I can get home and study. But first, I’ll go to the grocery store.

*Bell rings* 

Huh? It’s that girl from before, the one with Mr.Orson. Reminds me of when I was a kid, coming over to the groceries to get chocolates. *Giggles* 

‘Thank you Sir. Please come again.’

‘Excuse me. You dropped your cancer packet. You want me to throw it or you still want it?’

My cigarettes! I thought I kept them inside. And how does she know what a cigarette is!

‘You shouldn’t walk alone like this. Go home. And give me that.’

‘Sure.’ She walked away throwing my packet to me. Tsk! That arrogance! 

*At home* 

‘Welcome home Sir.’

‘Is my bath ready?’ Cause if it isn’t I’ll have to wait for it to be ready and I do not want to waste my time.

‘Yes Sir.’ Dan is really a great Butler. He has been with me for 5 years now and has taken care of my necessities on time. ‘Your dinner will be served at 8 Sir. If you need anything please call me.’

 *Sigh* ‘I can finally study in peace.’ 

*Later at night* ‘Sir. It’s 11 pm will you still be studying?’ I think Dan wants to sleep. Why does he always have to ask me. ‘Dan. You can sleep anytime you want. I’ll call you if I need something. I’ll just smoke for sometime and then sleep.’

‘Goodnight Sir.’

‘Ugh! This thing reminds me of that kid. “Cancer Packet”?’ 

*Next morning in class*

‘Okay students. Let me introduce you to your new classmate, Zuri.


Miracle (Eps: 1)

  • Zane Grayson
  • Somebody tell me why is the class so noisy! I can’t even solve this Math sum straight. And those girls need to stop staring or else I might start blushing and if that happens, I’ll never be that “Hottie” they talk about again!!

So I thought of a great idea. My signature move. Going to the basketball ground. And that’s when-

‘Umm… Z-Zane!! I have a doubt in this Math sum. ‘ Gloria asked. A really cute girl from class. I didn’t feel like denying her but-

‘Do I look like a teacher to you?’

 How did that happen? I can’t believe I just said that! I should say sorry.

 ‘Go ask the teacher to help. I have my own sums to solve.’ 

Damn! If I stay here I’m gonna make her cry. I’ll just go to the basketball ground.

I wanted to go out slowly but then, somehow my arms touched her shoulder and she fell to the ground and what was worse is my chair also fell down. Now I looked like some ferocious tiger rearing to swallow my rabbit. But then again, I didn’t do anything. I just walked out straight. This happens all the time!! I try to be nice but then I always end up like this.                     

  • *Sigh* ‘I’ll play for sometime. Nothing is better for relieving stress than some good old lay up shots.’ 

That was when I saw the principal, Mr.Orson walking up the building with some unknown girl. Must be a newbie. None of my business.